Where can I download the course videos?

Links to preview and download course videos are available on the 'Course Introduction' page, and the 'Leading a Group' page. The download links also appear in the side bar of the How to play subtitles... page.

How do I play the subtitles on a downloaded video?

While the videos available for viewing directly on the LLF site have subtitles available that can be turned on by clicking the "CC" icon towards the right-hand-side of the video controls, these aren't automatically available on the downloaded videos. The easiest way that we've found to add them is to download the videos and subtitle files and then use VLC Media Player.

How can I speak into the Church of England's discernment process on the issues raised by LLF?

There are a range of ways you can respond.

As an individual

As a group

  • Respond in a form of your choice, via the 'respond creatively' area of this site. This could be a written reflection, a picture,  a poem or something else. See examples.